The Cornwall Rotary club was chartered over 60 years ago. Over the years, the Cornwall community has benefited from the fund raising efforts of the club in many ways. One only has to drive around the Rotary Circle which leads to the Rotary Eco Park and the Rotary Gazebo by the shores of the St. Lawrence.  On the way you will pass the Benson Centre which received a generous gift from both Rotary Clubs in Cornwall. Arriving at the water’s edge, you see Cornwall’s latest indoor swimming pool, and the clock tower, which also benefited from Rotary funds. Just north of Lamoureux Park are our new Cornwall Community hospital and the Boys and Girls Club.  Rotary is very involved with these projects as well. Millions of dollars have been raised and put back into the community over the years.
Internationally our club and Rotary International are doing everything in their power to eradicate Polio. In the last few years our club has built wells in Honduras; schools in Madagascar; and has sent and received exchange students from a myriad of countries.
All these projects and more have to be funded by our fund raising efforts, such as Rose Day, coming June 16, 2018. This year the price is the same: $25.00 per dozen. This is a 100 % club involvement and only the expenses are paid out of the receipts.  Club members are taking orders now.